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An additional layer of encryption and, at the same time, privacy is often beneficial when you need to go unnoticed. You`re yet to figure out true intentions of the target device owner, but our software will help you establish the very fact of using VPN.

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VPN checker helps unravel the secret

Regular use of a hidden WiFi network can look like suspicious behavior and make you wonder why your child or loved one is doing this. The online web is literally filled with all sorts of content, and sometimes a person can turn on VPN to hide their real IP address and actions. Fortunately, you know how to find out about it in time.

  • Reveal when the target device "goes undercover" using private network
  • Prevent the use of prohibited sites and web resources that may be harmful to the psychological and physical condition of your relatives
  • Discover the secret life of people close to you with a VPN checker
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Interested in whether VPN is enabled on your teen`s or spouse`s phone? Check it out yourself!


With the Location Tracker app, you can easily identify whether someone uses VPN or a hidden WiFi network. Start the app`s usage without downloading or installing it. Just register and provide some basic information.


No matter where the target device is, Location Tracker will pinpoint and send you the accurate data in no time, and that too, in just a few clicks.


While staying anonymous, you can check if VPN is used on someone`s phone, without any delays or hiccups, and protect them from any kind of dangers. The app is compatible with all phone models and operating systems.

How it works

Step 1.
Upload the image & copy the generated link


Step 2.
Send the link to the target in any messenger


Step 3.
The target is interested & follows the link


Step 4.
You see the use of a hidden WiFi network or VPN in user space


Get tangible results by testing the presence of VPN

While the person can be as far away from you as they like, you will find out if the VPN covers the original IP address on the target device. Whatever the reasons for real IP not to be revealed – online privacy or something else – you can find a use for this information.


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Get a glimpse of the Internet activities of those who interest you most, quickly and efficiently.

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You can tell when your teen is using a VPN with Location Tracker. Our app has a VPN checker feature that lets you determine whether the target person uses a hidden WiFi network or VPN to conceal their location and online activity.

A high-quality VPN hides your IP while encrypting your data by routing all activity via the VPN server. Since it`s like a hidden WiFi network, the only thing a person sees when they try to monitor you is the IP address of the VPN service and complete gibberish. However, using a VPN checker, somebody can track you if you`re on a low-quality VPN.

A VPN can`t prevent somebody from tracing you. Only virtual private browsers and a hidden WiFi network can do that. When using a virtual private browser, you use a server whose location is different from yours. Therefore, your device won`t touch the websites you visit, meaning nobody can trace it with a VPN checker.

No. Like a hidden WiFi network, there`s no app or method for tracking encrypted, live VPN traffic. That`s why government agencies and police that need data about the websites their targets visit have to contact their internet service provider and only their VPN provider. Even when on the same network, it`s impossible to sniff all traffic.

The best VPN location is a country without limits or censorship on the content. Server load and proximity to VPN servers are also vital determinants. Your VPN speed will be slower if the distance from your location is more significant, even on a hidden WiFi network. Also, choose a server with the most negligible load.

You can use third-party services like Location.Tracker.Mobi with a VPN checker to find the location of VPN servers. The VPN checker lets you find the exact VPN location via an IP address. Once you connect to the VPN server, you can use the service to find the local address, IPv4, IPv6, and ISP.