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Meet WiFi location tracker! Find out whether they use mobile data or which hotspot they are currently connected to. Just a click away to get valuable data on the go!

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Precise Location Tracking Using WiFi

Do you want to know if your target is connected to the internet and how exactly? The WiFi location tracker will help you with that. With LocationTracker, you will get detailed and precise info on their whereabouts and reveal whether they use WiFi or mobile internet. Ready to get the data? Just input the target’s phone number, and let the WiFi location tracking tool do the rest!

  • Find out whether your target device is connected to WiFi or a mobile network
  • Pinpoint the accurate location of your target, locate lost or stolen devices through WiFi signals
  • Control the screen time your kid spends online using our location tracking using WiFi service
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Why You Need to Use Our WiFi Location Tracker

Simplify Tracking

Are you curious about your target’s internet preference – WiFi or mobile data? Are you eager to uncover their favored WiFi networks and frequent locations? Just enter the target’s cell phone number in the search box to reveal the details you’re after!

Quick Location Data Access

Regardless of whether your target lives under the same roof as you or halfway around the globe, LocationTracker will instantly detect and send you accurate wireless network data! No need for app installation! Just quick and easy access to required data!

All Devices Support

Our WiFi location tracker is a universal tool, supporting all SIM-card-equipped devices – smartphones, old-flipped phones, or tablets. Regardless of the operating system or cell phone network, LocationTracker supports them all!

How it works

Step 1.
Upload the image & copy the generated link


Step 2.
Send the link to the target in any messenger


Step 3.
The target is interested & follows the link


Step 4.
You see whether the target uses WiFi or mobile internet


Keep your finger on the pulse of events

Stay aware of when and how the target device is connected to the Internet. Fully wireless technology means you don`t need to be present to track the endpoint device. WiFi Tracker will ensure that you get first-hand information.


Use WiFi Tracker Now

See how device spotting reaches a brand-new level.

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Yes. A business or third party can use a WiFi tracker to trace your location. For instance, somebody can use Location Tracker to find out whether you connect to the internet via mobile data or WiFi. Thus, the app can pinpoint and reveal your wireless network information.

WiFi tracking refers to a geolocation system that employs WiFi routers to spot the device`s location. Individuals and businesses can use a WiFi tracker to analyze the target persons or customers` behaviors. Big tech companies can use it to keep tabs on customers and employees.

You can`t know when somebody is tracking you via WiFi because there`s no unique app you can use to find this out. Also, current devices can`t detect WPS tracking. However, someone could be tracking you if you`re near a large store or company`s WiFi routers with active Google services.

Location Tracker can help you track a device`s location using WiFi by analyzing its WiFi logger location and pinpointing its place. A WiFi tracker uses WiFi logger location and GPS tracking to more precisely identify the target device`s location.

Yes. Somebody can trace an IP address via WiFi. That`s because an IP address is dynamic or static, and once the system assigns it to a device, it remains traceable over a wireless, wired, or cellular data network. However, WiFi`s short range makes it ideal for indoor tracking with a WiFi tracker.

No. The WiFi router doesn`t know your location after leaving its WiFi network. A person can only track it by checking your location history. And the ISP provides this information. So, if your kid went to a coffee shop, you can know this by checking its ISP.

Yes. When you browse in incognito mode, your browser and device don`t keep a history or log of the websites you visit. However, the WiFi router can log the information, meaning the network admin can retrieve this information and use it to track you.

You can use a WiFi tracker to get notifications when somebody connects to your WiFi. Such an app lets you know when a new device connects to your wireless network. Also, the WiFi router status on the control panel shows the number of connected devices.